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College Football Scholarship Athletes

Empowering Athletes To Control Their Own destiny.

Harnessing Data and AI to Navigate the College Scholarship Journey with Confidence and Control. Let’s get you a spot on a college roster!

Why Do I Need HeatCheck?

How Does HeatCheck Work?

Match > Engage > Commit


We capture data about you to build a profile and match you to teams that you can play for and that need you.


Instantly engage the coaching staff of teams you match to.


Track your offers and compare them to make the choice that is best for you.

Who Is HeatCheck For?

Elite Prospects: Prospects with a large (12+) amount of scholarship offers to distill down. HeatCheck will identify what teams need you the most so you can have an impact.

Sub-Elite Prospects: Prospect who has a broad mix of P5, High-Major, Mid-Major, and Low-Major scholarship offers. HeatCheck will help you choose the right level you should be playing so you can maximize your time in college.

Prospect Type I: Athletes just outside, or on the bubble, of the elite level who want to play in college but don’t have the connections to the sub DI pipeline. You’ve been trying to get noticed but aren’t seeing the offers, HeatCheck will connect you to teams who can’t find you with the traditional ways athletes are discovered.

Prospect Type II: Athletes late to their sport who have missed the traditional recruiting opportunities. Between the restrictions and limited time to find athletes, if you’re late to the recruiting process it is extremely difficult to get noticed. HeatCheck will fast track you straight to the coaches that are looking for athletes like you.

Prospect Type III: Athletes that have developed physically later than their peers and are not actively recruited. Everyone develops at a different rate and recruiting often focuses on athletes before they are finished growing. HeatCheck can predict your future height and other factors then get you connected to coaches that need you.

Prospect Type IV: Athletes with poor academic performance. Grades matter and maybe you learned that a little too late. HeatCheck will connect you with options most aren’t aware of and help you continue your athletic and academic career.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is HeatCheck?

HeatCheck uses the stats and data about players and teams from all college sports and all college levels. Then we take your information and statistics and run them through the HeatCheck Algorithm™. This then matches you to teams that are likely to be at the level your current information says you should be competing.

Why do I need HeatCheck?

There are more than 2,000 colleges and universities in the United States across NCAA, NAIA, Junior College, and NCCAA levels. What most athletes don’t know is that only NCAA Division I football and basketball teams have large recruiting budgets. All of the other sports at Division I, and all sports at all levels below NCAA D1, have little to no recruiting budget. That means they are dependent on athletes reaching out to them to discover talent. So once the HeatCheck Algorithm™ matches you to teams, you will use HeatCheck to communicate with the coaches from the programs you might want to play for.

What does the HeatCheck Algorithm™ do?

We can’t give away the recipe but we can tell you what it does for you. It’s trying to show you teams that need players like you. So we don’t just rate how good you are and show you teams that are at that level. We show you teams that will have availability at your position for your graduation class.

When will my sport be available?

We’re working as fast as we can to get HeatCheck ready for all sports. You may have noticed we started with basketball and football. We will start rapidly getting all of the other college sanctioned sports ready so you can fulfill the dream.