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The idea for HeatCheck goes back to the mid-nineties when the founder of HeatCheck was going through his recruiting process. Back then it was a difficult process to get right unless you had a high school and a club coach who was well connected and could guide you through the process. Most of us didn’t have internet access or know how to use it either, so access to information was slow and difficult.

Back then you had to physically mail VHS tapes to coaches which was costly and slow. There was no Hudl.

Then, when you had offers, you had to make a decision based off of very little information. How much playing time was going to be available? Who’s returning? What lineups does the coach run? Can I compete at that school? …in that conference? …at that level?

HeatCheck is here to change all of that. We want to put the student athlete in control of their recruiting process.

We want you to control how you’re discovered.

We want you to control when and how you engage coaches.

We want you to control how you make an informed decision.

Most of all we love sports and we want to see athletes have the best possible college athletic career.

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